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Looking for an exotic pet? We have a large variety of exotic mammals, aquatic turtles and much more. We have an experienced grooming staff and a veterinarian who visits monthly  to provide your pets low cost vaccinations.

We can help you with all your exotic pet needs, even helping you to obtain your Class III pet permit to own an exotic animal.

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We are open seven days a week,

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Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are small marsupials that are native to the forest of Australia. These tree-dwelling creatures are best known for their incredible ability to glide by launching themselves into the air and expanding their “Skin Sails”.


Chinchillas originated in the Ande Mountains of South America where they inhabit crevices in the rocks. Chinchillas are unique and rewarding pets with certain requirements that need to be met in order for them to be happy and thrive. They have a lot of energy and need a larger habitat than a lot of other small mammals.


Hedgehogs are very shy animals. They are fun to watch, quiet and non aggressive. They are nocturnal (awake at night). Hedgehogs can be a wonderful addition for someone who wants a unique and entertaining pet.

Exotic Mammals

6140  North U.S. Highway 41, Apollo Beach FL, 33572    |    813.304.2523

6140  North U.S. Highway 41, Apollo Beach FL, 33572    |    813.304.2523    |


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